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TS-210 SeaSafe Leg Dope And Cable Lube [Ts210;210;Jacking Grease
35 lb (5 Gal) Pail

Container Size: 35 lb.
Product Line: TS-210
Shipping Weight: 38 lbs

TS-210 SeaSafe(TM) Leg Dope and Cable Lube is an EP open gear grease (NLGI 2-1/2) that has passed protocols (modified) of the US EPA for use in environmentally-sensitive waters, such as the Gulf of Mexico. It has excellent extreme pressure performance. TS-210 is environmentally and hygienically safe, but not biodegradable.


TS-210 SeaSafe Leg Dope & Cable Lube is a high performance open gear and cable lubricant designed for use in an environmentally sensitive area.

Wire Rope TS-210Wire Rope Lubricants
TS-210 Seasafe Leg Dope
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As an open gear lubricant, TS-210 has excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear properties for the lubrication of heavily loaded sliding surfaces. TS-210 is environmentally and hygienically safe. (It is not biodegradable.). It is completely water proof and has an extremely effective adhesion to metal surfaces. As a cable lubricant, it "works" its way into the cable upon application by the Powerlube wire rope lubricator. TS-210 contains no solvent carrier. When injected into new cable, it is unlikely that re-lubrication will ever be needed.

TS-210 will absolutely not wash off or out, run off, blow off, dry out, or melt away. When used on higher speed gears, it will not "sling" off.


NLGI Grade2.5
Penetration (ASTM D 217), 60 strokes250 - 265
4-Ball EP Weld Load, Kg (ASTM D 2596)400
Water Spray Off, % (ASTM D 4049)0.0
Pour Point, of Fluid, C-12
Flash Point, (Fluid), C.O.C., F+340

TS-210 has passed both performance standards (modified) of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for determining environmentally safe fluids in oil and gas extraction offshore in U.S. waters: 1) Acute Toxicity to Mysidopsis Bahia ("Shrimp Test") and 2) Determination of free oil ("Static Sheen Test").

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 12 January, 2006.
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