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TS-67 Arctic Grade Moly Grease

14 oz ctg


TS-67 is specifically formulated for lubrication requirements of gears, bearings and sliding surfaces that must operate in sub-zero environments, to a low of -76°F. TS-67 may also be recommended for needle bearings or other mechanisms requiring a non-channeling (non-cavitation) grease. For air motors, use TS-67 on slide valves, which tend to seize with ordinary grease -- even in warm climates.


TS-67 is a synthetic lubricant capable of maintaining an effective continuous film at temperatures ranging from  -76°F to +325°F. It has excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance; resistance to water absorption and rust. TS-67 is compatible with rubber and plastic materials.


NLGI GradeNo. 2
Viscosity Index207
Pour Point, °F< -80
Four Ball Weld (ASTM D-2596)400 Kg
Four Ball Load Wear Index (ASTM D-2596)59
Four Ball Wear Scar (ASTM D-2266)0.9
ColorDark Gray
TextureLight, Buttery
Useful temperature range, oF-76 to +325

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