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TS-625 Die Lube Concentrate

160 lb Keg


TS-625 Die Lube Concentrate is a viscous oil based, high solids lubricant for forging operations. TS-625 can be used in other applications where there are sliding surfaces and extreme heat.


TS-625 reduces wear and assures longer life of dies. It facilitates metal flow, including stainless, nickel based and other alloyed metals. It works well where complex shapes make filling and "sticking" serious problems. Relatively little "flash" is produced on contact with hot metals. By comparison with other oil based die lubricants, smoke and odor are minimal. TS-625contains no metal or hazardous ingredients. It may be sprayed with proper equipment. When applied by swabbing, there is virtually no dripping between the container and the die. Regardless of the temperature of the die, it adheres well and will not run off.


FluidMineral Oil
Flash Point500°F

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