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TS-117 M.P. Synthetic Gate Valve Lubricant

TS-117 M.P. Synthetic Gate Valve Lubricant


TS-117 is an overbase calcium sulfonate grease, which is characterized by exceptional corrosion protection, high dropping point and mechanical stability.  Due to its unique chemistry, TS-117 provides superior corosion protection in the presence of H2S, salt or other harsh, corrosive environments.  The very high load carrying ability, excellent resistance ot water, oxidation and corrosion, and outstanding performance in a wide temperature range, make it a high performance premium grease.  It contains no heavy metals or other harmful environmentaly undersirable additives, such as phosphorus, chlorine, zinc, phenols, antimony, barium or lead. 


NLGI Grade2
Soap typeCalcium Sulfonate
Penetration ASTM D 217, Worked 60 Strokes265-295
Dropping Point, oF (oC), Min, ASTM D2265554 (290)
Copper Strip Corrosion, 210oF, 3 hrs. ASTM D 4048          1a
Oxidation Stability, ASTM D 941 (100hr., psi loss)<1
Oil speration, % D17420.2
Roll Stability (D 1831) Pen+1
Four Ball EP, Weld Point, kg., ASTM D 2596500
Four Ball EP, LWI, D 259665
Four Ball Wear (Scar, mm) ASTM D 22660.40
Timken OK Load, lb. ASTM D 250965
Corrosion Protection ASTM D 1743Pass
Water Wash-out, @175oF, %, ASTM D 12642.8
Fretting Wear, mg Loss, ASTM D 41702.3
Low Temperature torque, -40oC, Nm, ASTM D 35277.6
High Temperature Life, hrs., ASTM D 3528100
Leakage Tendencies, g, ASTM D 42906
Base oil properties, ASTM D 445
  Viscosity @ 100oC, cSt11.2
  Viscosity @ 40oC, cSt100
  Viscosity @ 210oF, SUS65
  Viscosity @ 100oF, SUS520
V.I. Min95
Pour point, oC(oF), ASTM D 97-18(0)
Flash point, COC, oC(oF) ASTM D 92224 (435)

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