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TS-MME Moly Motor Eze

Single Pint Bottle

Moly Motor Eze is an additive for the motor oils of internal combustion engines, for example automobiles and trucks (including diesel), generators, industrial machinery, ships, pleasure crafts, lawn mowers, and motorcycles. It is also an additive to hydraulic oils.

HOW TO USE: For motor oil, mix one part of Moly Motor Eze into nine parts of oil (1:10). A ratio (that is to say the mixture) slightly more or less is acceptable. For hydraulic oil, mix one part of Moly Motor Eze into nineteen parts of oil (1:20). A ratio slightly more or less is acceptable.


For motors, Moly Motor Eze helps engines work better and last longer.

  • Improves gas mileage to save money.
  • Increases horsepower to provide better acceleration.
  • Lowers operating temperature of the engine to reduce heat stress on parts.
  • Reduces metal-to-metal contact to reduce engine wear.
  • Plates surfaces with a moly film to prevent dry starts.
  • Enhances corrosion preventive additives to reduce formation of acid.
  • Loosens stuck piston rings to lower blow-by of contaminants.
  • Cleans internal parts of varnish and gum to increase engine efficiency.

For Hydraulic oils, it lowers operating temperature and reduces wear of metal parts.


Moly Motor Eze is a proprietary formula of colloidal MoS2 and four other additives in a 10 weight oil carrier.

    @ 40 °C,cSt (ASTM D445)16.8
    @ 100 °C,cSt (ASTM D445)3.8
Flash Point: 
    PMCC (ASTM D93)200
    COC (ASTM D92)205

NOTE: Moly Motor Eze is not a substitute for motor oil. It must be added to motor oil in the recommended ratio. Moly Motor Eze does not contain chlorinated paraffins. Benefits listed for Moly Motor Eze are based on customer reports and testimonials.

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