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TS-804 Chain & Cable Lube with Moly

Single 12.5 oz Can


TS-804 Chain & Cable Lubricant with Moly is a general purpose lubricant.


TS-804 is designed to provide maximum protection for wire rope and chains of all types. It penetrates into the strands of ropes or in the pins of chains to provide thorough lubrication. TS-804 does not build up on chains to attract dust or dirt. Continued use of TS-804 reduces chain whip, vibration and noise. It also protects against galling, seizing and wear; the protection adds life to chain cable and sprockets.


Oil Base aerosol

Flash Point 200°F
Solubility in water 0
pH None
Phosphates None
Biodegradability No
% of volatile by volume 25
Cold Stability 0°F

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