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TS-803 Evapo-H-Gear Shield

Single 12 oz Can


TS-803 Evapo-H-Gear Shield is a general purpose lubricant, for open gears, chains, cables, shovel booms, guides and ways.


TS-803 incorporates a solvent with viscous, heavy-duty lubricant. This thick, tacky fluid stays on gears. For greater film thickness, repeat the spraying process. Its special formula allows the lubricant to stretch, thus insuring contact with all gear surfaces. TS-803 is a USDA accepted tar base lubricant. It has a temperature stability of 0°F to 175°F.


Petroleum solvent base aerosol

Flash Point 122°F
Solubility in water Nil
pH None
Phosphates None
Biodegradability No
% of volatile by volume 35

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