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TS-801 Dry Film Moly Spray

Single 12 oz Can (2Q)


TS-801 Dry Film Moly Spray is composed of molybdenum disulfide in a fast-evaporating carrier. Typical applications are:

  • engine assembly/run-in
  • mechanical assembly
  • as a wear reducer & silencing medium
  • as an anti-sieze
  • as a high temperature lube
  • on chains and springs *machine tool gears
  • sliding surfaces
  • a variety of many other uses particular to the user's requirements


TS-801 provides lubrication on surfaces for which a "wet" or "liquid" lubricant is undesirable or unusable -- for any number of reasons. TS-801 has excellent adhesion with a minimum of surface preparation. It has an extra long wear life, low coefficient of friction and good corrosion-resistance characteristics. It is non-oily, non sticky and will not squeeze out, drip or run.


Form Solvent base aerosol
Lubricating solids MoS2
Binder Thermo Plastic Resin
Propellant Hydrocarbon
Cold stability 0oF
Usable temperature range -400oF to +750oF
Flash point None
Flame extension <12"
Color Gray

(Caution: The propellant contains methylene chloride. When used indoors, make sure there is fresh air movement. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for full information.)

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