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TS-70 Moly Paste With 70% MoS2

25 lb Pail


TS-70 is a general purpose moly paste with many uses. It has proven to be an outstanding lubricant for a saltwater environment, above and below the surface: subsea riser, BOP, flange equipment and structural bolts. Other applications are components for press fittings, threads in tapping, boundary lubricating of parts in assembly and make-up, bushings of heavily loaded slow moving bearings, and many more. Apply by brushing or burnishing.


TS-70, with 70% by weight of molybdenum disulfide, provides uniform and durable boundary lubrication under extreme pressure, in wet or corrosive environments, and over a wide temperature range. Its coefficient of friction nearly approaches that of pure MoS2, and superior wear protection is assured.  TS-70 does not contain metals.


NLGI Grade No. 2
Cone Penetration @77°F (ASTM D217)
(Unworked) 252
(Worked) 276
Solids Oxidation, °F Begins at 750
Minimum Temperature, °F 0
Flash Point, °F, (CoC) (ASTM D42) 520
Fire Point, °F, (CoC) 600
Humidity Cabinet, 60 days (ASTM D1748) Pass (no rust)
Salt Spray, 60 Days (ASTM B117) Pass (no rust)
Wear Preventive Characteristics (ASTM D2266)
Scar diameter, mm 0.50, 0.42
Coefficient of friction 0.044,0.045
Mean K Factor  
ASTM A 193 B-7 Bolt 0.135
ASTM A 540 B-23 Bolt 0.113

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