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TS-74 Stainless Antiseize

50 lb Pail


TS-74 Stainless Antiseize is a new thread lubricant designed for stainless, titanium, and other gall-prone threaded connections. It is highly recommended where water washout is a concern, and in sub-sea applications, it is unaffected by marine micro-organisms.


TS-74 Stainless Antiseize eliminates wear and galling. TS-74 adheres to heavily loaded rotating, reciprocating or sliding parts. It may be used on any heavily loaded equipment that would normally be lubricated with an extreme pressure grease. TS-74 is a film forming lubricant having a strong polar attraction to metal. During use, a chemical reaction occurs on areas subjected to heavy loading and frictional heat. This reaction creates a resilient, self-lubricating layer in the metal surface that helps prevent further abrasive contact. NPT and all certain other connections can be tightened until a metal-to-metal seal is achieved, but without galling.


NLGI Grade2 ½
Appearanceyellow, smooth
Solids Content45%
Temperature Range0°F to 300°F
Oil DescriptionSynthetic
Viscosity, SUS @100°F730
Water spray off (with 5% salt spray) ASTM D-40490%
Evaporation RateNil
ThickenerInorganic (non-melt)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency static sheen testPass
Active Toxicity*None
K-Factor(316 Stainless Steel Bolts) 0.174

*96 Hr acute product test P.premelas. (1000 ppm Survival: 100%; 96 Hr LC50: > 1000 ppm)

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