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TS-73 Torque-Tight A/G

8 oz Squeeze Tube


TS-73 Torque Tight A/G is a lubricant formulated especially to prevent galling on stainless steel connections and other kinds of metals prone to galling. A torque chart is available on request.


In addition to providing excellent lubrication, TS-73 seals at pressures as high as 20,000 psi. With some types of threads, TS-73 may maintain a leak-free connection at even higher pressures by tightening until attaining a metal-to-metal seal. Even in such severe applications, TS-73 Torque Tight A/G continues to facilitate easy make-up and prevention of galling.


NLGI Grade No. 1
Cone Penetration @77°F (ASTM D217)
Unworked 320
Mobility Free Flowing
Four ball weld load (ASTM D2596) >800 Kg
Flash point (ASTM D 92) >300°F
Solids PTFE
Metals content None
Petroleum hydrocarbons content None

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