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TS-115 Corrosion Control Grease

Case of 40 - 16oz ctgs


TS-115 is a multi-purpose, bearing and machinery grease for use where salt water, salt air or atmospheric chemicals are present. Plants such as fertilizer, desalinization, petroleum, chemical, caustic, soda, potash plants, and sewage treatment could all use TS-115. TS-115 also may be used in underwater conditions. USDA "H2" accepted. (TS-115 may be incompatible with some greases. Complete bearing disassembly and cleaning prior to use may be necessary.) May be used as an assembly lube where elastomer compatability is important.


TS-115 has proven effective to protect equipment from rust and corrosion. It has a high melting point, over 500oF, outstanding mechanical stability, and excellent resistance to water washout. It may also be used as a protective coating for exposed metal to prevent rusting.


Thickener Calcium Complex
NLGI Grade 1 1/2
Penetration, unworked (D 217) worked 60 strokes 290-310
Base oil properties  
 Base oil viscosity, (D445)
    @ 40oC, cSt 143.9
    @ 100oC, cSt 17.9
  Pour point, oC (oF) (D97) -18 (-0)
  Flash point, oC,(oF) (D92) 224 (435)
  Viscosity Index (D 2270) 138
Timken OK load, lbs (D 2509) 35
Four Ball EP, Weld Point, kg, (D 2596) 500
Four Ball EP, LWI, (D 2596) 65
Four Ball Wear, mm (D2266) 0.40
Corrosion Protection:  
  Roller bearing, stored, wet condition, (D1743) Pass
  Salt Spray, 5%, 2000 Hours, (B117) Pass (No Corrosion)
Copper strip corrosion rating (D 4048) 1A
Oxidation stability, (D 942) (100 hr, psi loss) <1
Minimum operating temperature -20oF
Dropping point (D 2265), Min 0F (0C) 500 (260)
VoC Content Nil

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