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TS-116 Corrosion Control Grease with Moly

16oz ctg


TS-116 is a calcium sulfonate complex thickened lubricating grease specially formulated for heavy duty equipment. It is especially recommended for offshore applications where salt corrosion is a problem.


TS-116 exhibits outstanding performance in most server applications and is fortified with molybdenum disulfide to withstand heavy loads and shock loading. TS-116 contains no additives such as lead, antimony, zinc, barium, and no sulfur or phosphorous making it more hygienically safe and environmentally friendly. (See perormance data listed below.)


Thickener type Calcium Sulfonate Complex
Texture Smooth
Color Gray
Penetration ASTM D-217, Worked 60 strokes 265-295
Dropping Point, °F(°C), Min ASTM D-2265 550 (288)
Copper Strip Corrosion 210°F, 3hrs, ASTM D-4808 1a
Oxidation Stability, ASTM D-942 (100 Hr., psi loss) 3 max
Four Ball EP, Weld Point, kg 800 min
Load Wear Index, ASTM D-2266 0.5 max
Four Ball Wear (Scar, mm), ASTM D-2596 135
Water Washout, % Loss, @ 175°F, ASTM D-1264 2.0
Molybdenum Disulfide, Wt. % 5.0
Salt Fog Test, hrs to failure, ASTM-B-117 4000+
Base Fluid Properties:
Viscosity @ 100°F SUS 750
Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt 150

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