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TS-333 Heavy Grind EP Grease

Pack of 10 - 14oz ctgs


TS-333 is specially formulated for the punishing lubrication requirements of sugar mills and mining operations. TS-333 is compatible with most other lubricants. However, best results are obtained when continued use has dissipated the old lubricant.


TS-333 is made from high viscosity synthetic base oils. Particularly in wet environments, these oils form a very slippery and durable film. Combined with molybdenum disulfide and other lubricating additives, this natural film provides excellent extreme pressure performance on slow moving heavily loaded gears and bearings. It is an excellent underwater grease.


Base Oil Synthetic
Viscosity @ 100°C,cSt (ASTM D445) 412.0
Viscosity Index 140
Pour point, °F (ASTM-D 97) 35
Flash point, PMCC, °F (ASTM-D 93) 425
Fire point, COC, °F (ASTM-D 92) 435
Four ball EP Weld Load, kg (ASTM-D 2596) 315
Load wear index 84.2

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