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TS-60 SG Spline Grease

2 oz Jar


TS-60 SG is designed to lubricate all types of splined shafts, motorcycle drive splines, u-joints, swing arms, starter drive gear, bushings, pins, etc. Formulated with synthetic base oil and 60% molybdenum disulfide, TS-60 SG withstands extreme heat and protects components under heavy load. Uniform and durable boundary lubrication is provided on parts operating in wet and harsh environments. TS-60 SG is highly adhesive and will not fling off or dry out under accelerated conditions.

For splines and other mechanical components, clean off old lubricant with a solvent and let dry.  Using a lint free cloth, or brush applicator, work TS-60 SG into crevices and leave a thin coating of grease on the surface. 

NLGI Grade No. 2 No.2
Cone Penetration, unworked (ASTM D217)  265-295
Thickener Type Calcium Sulfonate
Dropping Point, oF (oC) >500 (>260)
Solids oxidation, oF (oC) 750 (399)
Kinematic Viscosity (ASTM D445)  
cSt@40oC 460
cSt@100oC 35.4
Four Ball EP, Weld Point, kg (ASTM D2596) 250
Four Ball Wear, Scar Width, mm 0.85
Water Spray-Off, % Loss (ASTM D4049) 2.6
Water Washout, % Loss (ASTM D1264) 1.35
Oil Separation (ASTM D4425) 1.50
Leakage Tendencies of Automotive Grease, g (ASTM D4290)  
     20h @ 320oF (160oC) 0.02
Copper Strip Corrosion for Greases (ASTM D4048) modified  
     212oF (100oC) @ 3hrs 1B


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