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TS-201 Walking Cam Heavy

16oz caulking ctg


TS-201 is recommended for slow-moving, heavily loaded spur and bull gears, as well as rack and pinion gears. Typical examples are for the gearing for steel plate rolling, cranes and hoists, dryers, kilns, draw bridges, drag lines, dredge boats, and offshore derrick and pipelaying barges.


TS-201 is an inorganic-thickened grease with 43% metallic solids (bismuth, aluminum, and zinc). In places where the gears already have experienced considerable wear, the solids will fill in some of the pits. TS-201 will quieten noisy gears where the teeth bang together. TS-201 adheres tenaciously to steel, wet or dry; it resists water wash-out, even in a saltwater environment.


Base Oil Viscosity, Brookfield @ 600°C, ASTM D 2196, cP 900 - 1100
Penetration Worked (60 strokes, hot) 325 - 335
Timken Load Test >25
Dropping Point, °F None
Color Bronze

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