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TS-001 Moly Powder, Technical Fine grade

5 lb (Gal) Tub


TS-001 Moly Powder is frequently used as a lubricant in applications such as metalforming dies, threaded parts, sleeve bearings, liquid oxygen valves and electrical contacts in relays and switches. It is applied as a wear-in lubricant on machine tools, machine parts, and any special application requiring a dry lubricant. Precision shooting competitors coat bullets with moly powder.

Apply a thin film. Burnish it into the surface by rubbing with a lint-free cloth. Use a tumbler for coating bullets.


TS-001 Moly Powder reduces both torque and friction. In some applications, it is a dry anti-sieze meduim. Moly powder lubricates even when pressures exceed 500,000 psi., and it is resistant to liquid or gaseous oxygen, radiation, chemical and vacuum environments. TS-001 Moly Powder helps prevent fretting, corrosion, galling and seizing.


The temperature range for TS Moly Powder is -375 to 750°F (in atmosphere).

Particle Size
GradeParticle Size Range*, µMean Particle Size*, µFisher Number**, µ
Technical< 1 - 10011 - 383.0 - 4.0
Technical Fine ***0.5 - 203 - 60.7 - 0.8
Super Fine0.5 - 81 - 20.4

* As determined by various particle size analysis, scanning electron microcopy.

** Determined by Fisher subsieve sizer --- the numerical value obtained, defined as a Fisher Number, is an average particle size.

*** Grade to use for coating bullets.

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