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TS-601 Moly Drive Chain Oil With 1% Moly

1 Gal Jug


TS-601 is designed for chains used on equipment operating in conditions with dust and dirt, i.e., agriculture, forestry, mining, construction and certain manufacturing. Only a small quantity of TS-601 is required. Use just enough to "wet" the chain. For best results, soak the chain and/or links in TS-601 before mounting. After that, apply it by spray or simply brush it on.


TS-601 is a light viscosity oil with molybdenum disulfide that minimizes metal wear. It penetrates into the pins and bushings of a chain, covers the sprockets and links, and deposits moly into the pores of the metal. Although it may appear as if no lubricant is present, a close inspection will reveal a light film, which will not attract dirt or dust, and which is impervious to weather, acids and alkalies. In most applications, long intervals between lubrication will be experienced, and greatly reduced link replacement will result. Power required to operate the chain will be reduced, too.


Pour Point, F., Maximum0
Viscosity @ 100°F (SUS)30-50
Flash point, °F> 128
Percent Solids1.0%

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