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TS-319 Moly Gear Lube SAE 250 (ISO 1000)

5 Gal Pail


TS-319 SAE 250 Industrial Gear Lube is a viscous oil for enclosed gears subject to severe applications, such as extreme pressure, shock loads, high temperatures and water contamination. It may be used in industrial gears at slow to moderate speeds. TS-319 is compatible with all common gear and bearing materials.


TS-319 is a premium gear lube designed to provide excellent lubrication properties for enclosed gears subject to severe service. The high quality of TS-319 enables gears to run better and last longer. Performance is assured because TS-319 is especially adhesive with excellent film forming capabilities. Gears last longer because TS-319 protects gears from shock loads, heat, oxidation and water. Moly provides extra protection against friction and wear.


Oil Mineral
API Service GL-4
SAE 250
ISO 1000
AGMA 8 A Compound EP
Viscosity, Kinematics, (D 445), cSt
@40°C 975
@100°C 43
Viscosity Index (ASTM D 2270) 81
Pour Point °F (ASTM D 97) 30*
Flash Point °F (ASTM D 93) 610
Timken EP OK Value (ASTM D 2782) 60
Coper Strip Tarnish Test (ASTM D 130) 1a
Water Separability (ASTM D 1401) 40/40/0 (40)
Molybdenum disulfide, by weight 0.50%

* 16 upon quotation

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