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TS-802 Chemlube (Penetrating Lubricant)

Single 16 oz Can


TS-802 ChemLube is formulated to quickly penetrate rust, corrosion and moisture. ChemLube can be applied on wet or dry surfaces. Typical applications are:

  • Rusted Parts
  • Antiseize
  • Engines
  • Machine Parts
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Removing moisture from electrical contacts
  • A variety of other uses depending on the user's requirements

TS-802 ChemLube contains a rust preventative. It is non-flammable and non-conductive to 30,000 volts. Its four way lubricating action cleans, lubricates, prevents rust and penetrates. It quickly loosens frozen and rusted parts. It is a USDA authorized lubricating product.


FormSolvent base aerosol
Flash PointNone
Flame ExtensionNone
Solubility in Water0%
Evaporation RateModerate
OdorChlorinated Solvent
Wetting abilitySaturates
Storage Stability1 year
Cold Stability0°F
Specific Gravity1.6
% of volatile by volume4%
Toxicity100 ppm OSHA TLV

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