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TS-334 Easy Grease

120 lb Keg

TS-334 Easy Grease was formulated with one fundamental rule of lubrication in mind: the lubricant must be there when and where it is needed. This material maintains a lubricating barrier in the most grinding conditions and keeps heavily loaded components sliding easily over each other.

Easy Grease is not only water proof, but also has the tenacity to stay put in driving rain, in the splash zone of offshore structures, under water, or in other applications where water wash-out can be a problem.

Typical Observations

NLGI Grade2-1/2
Appearancesmooth, adhesive
Four Ball E.P. &ASTM D 2596)800 Kg minimum
Load Wear Index150.9
Four Ball Wear (ASTM D 2266)
Scar Diameter0.52mm - 0.55 mm
Fluid100% synthetic

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