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TS-456 HT Extreme Temperature Grease with Moly

35 lb Pail


These extreme temperature greases are an excellent choice for lubrication of permanently sealed bearings operating at constant temperatures of 400°F or higher. Applied at more frequent intervals, they may withstand operating temperatures in excess of 500°F.

They were designed to replace greases made from perfluoropolyether oils. In applications where oxidative stability is the primary concern it may approximate the performance of fluorirated synthetic products but at one-fifth the cost or less.

They were also formulated with elastomer compatibility in mind. It can be safely applied to packing, o-rings, and gaskets to extend the life of these and similar items.

Typical Observations

Solid Lubricating AdditivesPTFEMoly
Solids Melt/Oxidation600°F75-°F
ColorIvoryDark Gray
ThickenerInorganic (non-melting)Inorganic (non-melting)
TextureSmooth, TackySmooth, Tacky
Film FormingExcellentExcellent
Shear StabilityExcellentExcellent
Solubility in WaterNILNIL
Exaporation RateNILNIL

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