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CX-144 Rust Preventives

55 Gallon Drum

Rust preventives from T.S. Moly are fluids that contain active components blended in mineral spirits. Mineral spirits is a solvent that has two purposes. The first one is to function as the diluent ("carrier") for the rust preventive. The second purpose is to evaporate, leaving the rust preventive on the surface. Our rust preventives are designed to feel dry (not oily) after the solvent evaporates.

Test Results:

Bench tests are used for evaluation of formulas and comparison of products. The results do not necessarily correlate with actual use in the field.

* For humidity- 500 hours and over are considered good performance.

The shelf life is indefinite in a sealed container. However, agitate ("remix or shake") before each use because the oil/additives will start to separate from the solvent within 24 hours.

Rust preventives can be applied with a typical hand pump sprayer. Do not over-apply the fluid; avoid excessive dripping. After a normal application, some small dripping takes place for a short while only. Complete drying takes place in about 30 minutes (indoors at 720F).

ASTM D1748 Humidity Cabinet 1037 hours

B117 Salt Spray; Finishes of Polished Panels*

165-175 hours
Flash point>120oF Method: TCC ASTM D56
Autoignition temperature689oF

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