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TS-203 B & R Cable Lube

35 lb Pail


TS-203 is a fluid lubricant for wire rope. It can be sprayed, brushed, or dipped in an in-line tank. No heating is required. Use sparingly. Excessive amounts are not needed.


TS-203 is a light viscosity oil with solvents, moly, rust inhibitors and characteristics of asphalt. It has an excellent penetrating ability and a true ease of application. TS-203 cleans and lubricates to the core of the wire rope. It softens and removes oil, dirt and encrusted deposits of former compounds. The solvent carrier evaporates in time, leaving the lubricant deposited in the valleys of the wires throughout the rope. Although the rope is lubricated, it is "dry" and will not attract dust and dirt.


Pour Point, °F (ASTM D 97)-25
Flash Point, °F (PMCC) (ASTM D 93)120
Viscosity, cSt, (ASTM D 445)
@100°F 3.28
@40°F 12.80
Specific Gravity 0.89
Lubricating solidsMoly

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